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  • love-and-business
    The Hardest Lesson of Love & Business

    This is going to be a bit personal as I have never publicly written about my personal relationships. To say I’ve been unlucky in love is a bit of an understatement. The most significant romantic relationships of my life have played out somewhat like something......

  • emotional_intelligence-rosaleelaws
    Success & Emotion – 11 Ways Successful People Stay Calm

    We have all had those days where something happened and we end up swirling in chaos. Our emotions seem to rule the day. Riding on pure emotion, we can’t think straight, we can’t focus and you find the whole day (or week/month) has been harder......

  • snow_white_mirror
    It’s Not All About YOU – Escape Egocentrism

    We see the world from our own private lenses. From the inside out. The book term for this is “egocentrism.” It is defined as regarding the self as the center of all things. Through our own biases our perception is restricted, caused by the simple......

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    I discovered, not that long ago, that my most precious resource is my time. It is something I can never get back, so I promised myself I would do my best not to squander it. I heard this concept many times before but I distinctly remember......