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    It’s Not All About YOU – Escape Egocentrism

    We see the world from our own private lenses. From the inside out. The book term for this is “egocentrism.” It is defined as regarding the self as the center of all things. Through our own biases our perception is restricted, caused by the simple......

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    I discovered, not that long ago, that my most precious resource is my time. It is something I can never get back, so I promised myself I would do my best not to squander it. I heard this concept many times before but I distinctly remember......

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    Your Brain – Empty The Cache, Upgrade, Reboot

    The more I learn about the human brain and observe how my own works, the more I realize how similar it is to a computer. I know, I know the internet is awash with computer metaphors and this probably brings scenes from the Matrix flashing......

  • JayAbraham
    Business & Life Lessons I’ve learned from Jay Abraham

    As a wise person had said to me recently, Jay Abraham is like the “godfather” of finance and business. If you currently work in or aspire to be in the business world,  he is a man you should know. If you do not know who......